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Top 5 Fashion Design Masters With The Highest Income In The World

Fashion is a strange world with anomalous laws, where designers must fight day by day to fight the obsession with fad, elimination, faintness and mediocrity. But with incredible creativity and rare wise steps, these designers have made a difference and a rare feat. Not only have important contributions to the fashion industry over the years, the following designers also impressed with the tremendous income earned from their creative work.

5. Marc Jacobs
Income: 100 million USD.

Marc Jacobs is a famous American fashion designer, born on April 9, 1963 in New York. Once creative director after joining Louis Vuitton in 1997, Marc Jacobs has completely renovated this 150-year-old brand, making valuable achievements for Louis Vuitton in particular and the fashion world in general. He has been with Louis Vuitton for nearly 2 decades and left many strong marks in the development journey of this brand. It is not wrong to describe Marc Jacobs as "the prince of Louis Vuitton".

Not wanting to be confined to the magnificent catwalks of Louis Vuitton, Jacobs also wants to prove his talent with his own fashion brand Marc by Marc Jacobs. His collections are always thoughtful and thoughtful, demonstrating the breaking of a renowned designer.

He has more than 200 stores in more than 80 countries worldwide, Marc Jacobs is considered one of the most successful designers today. With the success and contribution to fashion, Macs Jacobs has been named Time Magazine's list of "100 most influential people in the world."

4. Tom Ford 
Income: 300 million USD

As one of the most powerful designers today, Tom Ford once revived Gucci from an outdated fashion brand, "no one wants to wear" back to become a big name in the fashion world. 

Tom ford came to Gucci in the bad days when the Gucci brand was almost bankrupt. He started as the main designer for the women's fashion line. After some time; Ford was appointed design director of the company. In 2004, Tom Ford decided to leave Gucci when he was at the height of his fame and success to establish his own fashion empire.

Currently, Tom Ford's own fashion brand is trendy, classy and very popular in the world.

3. Donna Karan  
Income: 500 million USD.

DKNY fashion products always have a foothold in the fashion world and are popular with consumers. Going up from the success of the DKNY brand, full is Donna Karan New York. The secret to making Donna Karan's success is the convenience, comfort, style and trendiness in style.
Donna Karan New York is a famous 8x brand, founded in 1989 by Lady Donna Karan.
She is a leader in the application fashion movement with the criteria: comfort, elegance, simplicity. Due to its high applicability and convenience, Donna's brand name was quickly popularized and Karan became known as the "Queen of the 7th Boulevard".

2. Calvin Klein
Income: 700 million USD.

Calvin Klein was exposed to fashion from an early age. That's when he still often helps his mother in the apparel fashion store left by her grandmother. Instead of playing stickball like other children, he always liked to help his mother at the family's fashion store. The whole childhood attached to each fabric, every needle and thread to build the passion in the heart of a growing boy.

Except for the obvious fact that Calvin Klein is a great stylist, what impresses others more about him is his sharp business skills and super marketing skills when staging ads on the inside. It is very delicate, elegant and even in the business development of a leading corporation in an area that is considered to have too little "land" for diversification.
Calvin Klein sales have always achieved impressive indicators over the years.
Not only in 2019 and for the past 40 years, many generations have favored the glamor of Calvin Klein dresses and products. In addition to boosting the number of clothing products sold, Calvin Klein 'revenue also comes from jewelry, perfumes and watches. Calvin Klein is one of the designers most dedicated to his creations. He repeatedly created attractive collections to prove his style: Honoring simplicity.

1. Ralph Lauren  
Income: 7.5 billion USD.

Exactly, Ralph Lauren is not a mere fashion designer, but it is not wrong to say that he is one of the most successful designers of our time. Famous for the legacy T-shirts and timeless values, Ralph Lauren fashion houses always keep their true design identity in each product. Ralph Lauren is most successful with the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, often referred to as the "Polo shirt" as this is a typical identity characteristic of the brand. Not only reaching the peak of sales with its flagship product line, Ralph Lauren also has many other product lines with proud sales such as sports fashion, children's fashion, perfumes and furniture.

But the secret to Ralph Lauren's success lies not in fashion, not simply fashion. The success was explained by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Paul Goldberger through excellent marketing strategy or, in other words, a talented political mindset that shares much in common with Ronald Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt.


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