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Twin Sisters Die Of COVID-19 Infection While Working As Nurses At The Hospital

The story of two female nurses who are twins, died only 3 days apart makes people more emotional. They worked hard during the pandemic days and eventually died of COVID-19 infection.

The British twins, Emma and Katy Davis (37) have had a strange connection throughout their lives. They grew up together, striving to be a nurse and all gone away between COVID-19. They even have similar background diseases.
Ms. Katy, a pediatric nurse at Southampton General Hospital, died on April 21 while Emma, ​​a former surgical nurse at the same hospital, died in the early morning of April 24. 
“Their departure is a terrible tragedy for their families and those who know them. Emma has always been praised as an outstanding nurse, always calmly encourages patients and is a talented superior. We are giving our full support to Katy and Emma's family in this difficult time.”
 the spokesperson said.
The hospital director of Paula Head also expressed:

“Katy has always been a role model of a nurse and devoted herself to her work. On behalf of everyone at Southampton Hospital, including the patients and the community we serve, I would like to express my deep condolences to the family.”

Ms. Zoe, the sister of Emma and Katy, had moved emotionally:
“They always say that we were born together so we will go away together. No words can describe the special relationship of twins. Both Emma and Katy want to help people, strive to be nurses and take care of all patients. I still cannot accept this great loss.”

According to Nursing Times statistics, at least 50 British nurses have died during the pandemic. They became infected during the curing of patients and deserved to be praised as heroes.

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