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UPDATE: Getting The Fake Passport For Ronaldinho

A man who allegedly joined the line as a fake passport for footballer Ronaldinho has just been arrested by police.
As reported, former Brazilian football star Ronaldinho was detained for 1 month and then placed under house arrest in Praguay hotel for using fake passport in early March.

Through investigation, the Paraguayan police arrested a man in the line making a fake passport. According to The Sun (England), this person is Wilson Arellano.

The Prosecutor Federico Delfino told local media that:
 “Wilson is a link in a criminal gang that specializes in making fake passports. We have been following this group for a long time. They specialize in providing papers with false content. ”
Wilson Arellano is said to have a blood relation with Bernardo Arellano, an official from the Paraguay Immigration Department.

In addition, the Prosecutor's Office in Asuncion said there was evidence of a connection between Bernardo and businesswoman Dalia Lopez, and there was a basis to believe that it was Bernardo who provided the fake documents. 
Dalia Lopez heads a network that specializes in providing fake passports. 

She herself contacted and gave a fake passport to Ronaldinho and her brother Roberto De Assis, causing the two to be arrested on March 6, Police are currently searching for Dalia after being arrested.

On April 8, Ronaldinho and his brother left Agrupacion prison and were under house arrest at the Palmaroga Hotel, after paying bail of up to $ 1.6 million. The investigation is still underway.


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