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US Has Passed The Covid-19 Epidemic Peak – President Donald Trump

President Trump has just made claims that the US had passed the epidemic peak in terms of new cases as the number of Covid-19 cases in many parts of the US increased slowly. However, the number of deaths is still high.  

According to Reuters statistics , on April 15th  (US time), the US recorded more than 2,300 new deaths due to Covid-19 , while the number of new infections was more than 27,000, bringing the total number of cases to over 641,000.

Speaking at a press conference in Rose Garden, the White House on April 15th, US President Donald Trump said the data showed that the US had passed the peak of the epidemic in terms of new cases. Trump said he would announce "new directions" about reopening the economy at a press conference on April 16, according to Reuters.
Trump said that;
"The war continues, but the data shows that across the country, we have passed the epidemic peak in terms of new cases. Very excited. Hopefully we will continue to make great progress."
The White House chief added that:
"The number of new cases is rising very slowly in New York metropolitan areas. New cases in Detroit and Denver are on a flat course. Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia are showing signs of great progress. And the number of new infections in Houston as well as New Orleans is getting lower."
President Trump added:
"These encouraging developments put us in a very strong position to lock in the directions for the states to reopen. Some states may indeed reopen before the May 1 deadline."
Earlier this week, President Trump said he had "full authority" to decide when to reopen states, although legal experts and state governors quickly rejected it.

The US leader showed that he is eager to reopen the economy in the context of epidemic containment measures that shut businesses down and cause job losses. "We remember everything. We want to go back," he said in a April 15 statement.

Currently the US is still the largest epidemic region in the world. The number of deaths in the United States is accounting for 20% of the globe while its population is about 4% of the world

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