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US President Donald Trump Announces Phase 3 Of Opening Plan

In his latest statement at a White House press conference on April 16, US President Donald Trump made a plan to open the country with three stages in the context of the US still being the major Covid-19 outbreak center of the world. 

He said:
"Based on the latest data, our team of experts agrees that we can start a new front in the war, which we call the Opening of the United States. We do not open simultaneously all, but carefully do it step by step ". 
Each state and territory of the United States will have a separate plan listing criteria to start conducting each phase. In the first phase, the crowded places can be active again if strict rules of social distance such as gyms are strictly followed. However schools and bars are still closed. 

In the next phase, recommendations to limit social exposure will be relaxed, according to CNN. Therefore the school can be opened in phase two and people can gather crowds of less than 50 people. 
And in the final stage, states that have evidence that no longer appears contagious can allow workers to return to work, to resume visits to hospitals and nursing homes, bars and large community gathering locations may resume, of course, the distance standards must still be followed. 

Previously, the US President had declared himself absolute authority in the opening of the United States despite the subsequent opposition from the governors of the states. Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York State, spoke out that he would appeal if ordered to lift a blockade. Mr. Trump reduced tension, confronted the governors of the states, and promised not to impose state governments on the time to complete the three-phase opening plan mentioned above. States may be open from May 1 or earlier, as per the New York Times. 

In an online conversation with the governors of the same day, the President said that:
"You will make your own decisions. You will be the decision maker. We will stand side by side with you. I will reopen the country and make sure this happens. Everyone wants to work again. If they want to continue closing, we still allow. If they believe it is time to open the door, we will make sure they have the freedom and instructions to accomplish their mission quickly based on what they want to accomplish."
The same day, the United States was in a state where Covid-19 infections surpassed 658,000, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University. At least 32,186 cases have died of nCoV in the US, the number of infections and deaths have not shown signs of remission. 

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