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US prisons detected more than 1,800 cases

A prison in Marion County, Ohio, became the new hot spot for the Covid-19 epidemic, with at least 1,828 corona virus-infected prisoners. It is the state with the most corona virus inmates in the US.

Ohio officials said the extensive testing program led to the discovery of a large number of positive cases.

The test was performed on all people at Marion Correctional Institute, the minimum security prison for men in Marion. In addition to the prisoners, 109 prison staff were also positive for Covid-19. No deaths have been recorded at this prison.

Currently, 2,400 prisoners and 244 prison staff are infected with the corona virus in Ohio. The numbers could rise this week when a Pickaway county jail began mass testing on April 19.

By April 20, Ohio had a total of 12,919 cases of Covid-19, of which the prison cases accounted for more than 20 percent, according to  National Public Radio .

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