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US Secretary of Justice: Bill Gates Covid-19 Prevention Digital Identity Project Could Violate Personal Freedom

Billionaire Bill Gates recently proposed the application of a form of surveillance technology to see who is infected with Covid-19, who has developed immunity to it, and when the vaccine is manufactured, who have been vaccinated. 

When asked about this proposal, US Attorney General William Barr expressed concern about the possibility that US citizens' freedom and privacy would be eroded and violated during a pandemic.

ID2020 is a digital identity project using blockchain technology backed and sponsored by Microsoft Corporation. This project aims to provide legal information to 1.1 billion people around the world without identification. 

Put simply, one of the digital identification tools in question may be a chip with a code implanted under the skin, a form of digital identification microchip (digital ID microchip) implanted into the human body, according to the Messenger.
On Fox News, in an exclusive discussion with Attorney General William Bar, host Laura Ingraham mentioned that:

“Bill Gates and his Gates Foundation support the development of receiving tools in digital form, capable of confirming whether individuals; US citizens, are immune to Covid-19 and other potential viruses.”

The BL said that, some people are worried that these were monitoring, after mentioning the answer Mr. Gates had given on "Reddit Ask me anything on March 18th, regarding the surveillance on the people infected with the virus.

"A digital identification tool will show who has recovered from Covid-19 or who has recently been tested, or when we have a vaccine, whether or not this person has been vaccinated."
 host Laura quotes Gates.

In response to this question, Minister Barr said the government could apply draconian blockade measures during the pandemic, limiting activities that help slow the rate of Covid-19 infection, when measures.

 The draconian is scheduled to be lifted by the end of April, requiring social exclusion and other alternatives that will need to be considered for implementation to ensure the safety of the people, but at the same time must be balanced civil liberties.

Minister Barr said the pandemic could not be used as an excuse 
"to deprive people of their freedom and privacy on a large scale".

Barr also expressed concern over Mr. Gates's idea from a civil liberties point of view, referring to the "domino effect of this, because it could lead to further encroachment on individual freedoms." 

"I'm a bit worried about this, about monitoring the people in general (with this kind of technology), especially for a long time." 
he said.

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