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Where Are The Billionaires Quarantined?

Many cruise lines have devised new projects to "survive" through the pandemic. Above is the Oceanco ship of Bravo Eugenia. Photo:  Courtesy Francisco Martinez / CNN.
When US entertainment magnate David Geffen boasted self-isolation on a half-billion-dollar superyacht, a storm of criticism poured down.
Posting a picture of Rising Sun at sea with the caption "isolated in the Grenadines" last month, David Geffen received a pile of "stone bricks". Many people believe that the isolation of a 590 million USD superyacht in Covid-19 is not suitable for difficult life or sympathy. When the public reacted strongly, Geffen had to delete the post and write another content: 
"I hope everyone is safe".  
However, Geffen's photo is just the beginning. In the weeks that followed, many stories of the world's richest people traveling on private jets, or quarantined on luxury yachts, were gradually revealed. However, with travel restrictions being applied all over the world, and people being instructed to "stay at home," the question is "is yacht currently allowed to operate".
The answer is yes. Because the owner only needs enough money to pay the crew members to serve on board, and they come to a place that still ensures the supply of fuel and food to live. However, the number of these superyachts operating is very small.
"Not many private yacht owners choose to quarantine on their ships," Rupert Connor, from the luxury yacht group supply company Luxury Yacht Group LLC, told CNN.

"It is truly a mecca, the most wonderful oasis compared to what is happening in the world because of the epidemic. Many larger yachts are able to isolate themselves for months, because they have adequate technical systems. techniques to support everything and the crew are trained in health care ", according to Connor.
Many people believe that traveling all day on a cruise for 2-3 months, although surrounded by luxurious service, passengers also quickly get bored. Photo: Seabourn.
 However, those who are secluding themselves on yachts are on vacation "standing still". That means the yacht is not sailing on the sea as usual, but will go to the small islands and stay there until the global restrictions are lifted.
Currently, some wealthy customers expressed an interest in this luxury isolation service, but Connor's company refused to provide it because it was risky. One of them is the evolution of the disease so quickly, it is impossible to fully understand the history of the guests or crew members. In addition, it is difficult to claim 100% that the company can provide "clean" yachts with no risk of infection.

Jonathon Beckett, CEO of the luxury yacht brokerage company, revealed in the luxury lifestyle magazine Robb Report that many clients have recently contacted me. These people booked a 4-to-7-week vacation cruise on the yacht to stand outside the epidemic.

On board the cruise will provide cooking courses for children, run by a chef. They can spend time in the ship's engineering room learning more about driving. Beckett hopes to provide a similar experience when yacht rental companies conduct screening to ensure that neither guests nor crew are infected with nCoV.   

Luxury Yacht Group hopes to provide a similar experience when yacht rental companies can fully test screening for both passengers and crew.
However, Rumble Romagnoli, CEO of a yacht marketing company in Monaco, expressed doubts about this issue. He pointed out that in practice, the choice of isolation on the yacht is not a viable option. "I think it is a bit unrealistic for people to think that they just need to get on a yacht and sit in the middle of the sea."

Romagnoli also emphasized that visitors can be stuck in the sea for weeks and soon face the boring life, despite surrounded by lavish amenities. For example, Rising Sun has a wine cellar and a basketball court on board. It's clear that staying in a place without friends, being completely socially isolated and repeating a daily routine for 2-3 months is not interesting, according to Romagnoli.

Moreover, the current global travel restrictions make access to yachts more difficult. Romagnoli, for example, took a group of travelers flying from London to Marseilles airport by private jet that was denied entry earlier this month. The reason the police give is that they violated a travel ban when it was not absolutely necessary on French soil. This is similar to renting a private yacht. All are against the "stay in the home" guide of most countries in the world. 

Importantly, most of the crew members in many ships had temporarily quit working and returned home due to the epidemic. As a result, hiring maids has become more difficult.
 "People are waiting and hoping a new tourist season is about to begin. But I believe there is no yacht in it. The crew members have returned home and many captains are losing their jobs. deactivated. "

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