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Why I Suspended Green Cards — President Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump has just defended his new executive order which he had signed to temporarily suspends immigrant visas.

While addressing the press on Wednesday evening at the White House, he said that he had taken the decision to protect American workers as the country prepares to reopen for business after a shutdown that had cost millions their jobs and is making sure that when the country reopens for business American citizens will be first on the call list for work.

He added that this order is to last for 60days and is also subject to review and possible extensions at an appropriate time and condition. These Immigrant visas are issued to foreigners who are approved to move permanently to the US, and majority of those who really qualify for this green cards are persons who are related to either a US citizen or any permanent residents of the US.

Although some Immigrant visas are also given to those who are going for a job in the US. The President also selected some exceptions to this order and this includes farmers who rely on this visas to bring laborers from Latin America.
Although Some critics are accusing the president of hiding behind the pandemic to advance his political agenda on constricted immigration.

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