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Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

Get more sleep, ladies!

Professor Jim Horne - Director of the Center for Sleep Research at Loughborough University, UK, said: 
"For women, poor sleep is strongly associated with high levels of depressive psychology as well as feelings of hostility, the enemy, depression, and higher anger."
"These emotional effects are not the same for men when sleep disturbances."

How much sleep a day is enough?

A typical eight-hour nightly sleep is not always true for everyone, usually seven-hour sleep is enough for most people to function normally the next day.

In fact there is no standard for the length of sleep. Some people sleep for eight hours and still sleep at their desk the next day. Others, like the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, may only need about 3-5 hours a night. However, Professor Horne has discovered that women's brains are:

"different from men's brains and more complex, so their need for sleep will be slightly larger."

What makes women's brains more complicated?

Compared to men, women do many things at the same time and are very flexible, so their brains are used more and are more stressful. That means that they take longer to recover, which sleep provides better resilience than any other activity.

What about tired men?

Professor Horne also said that men who do a lot of work may also need more sleep than the average male, but still not as much as an average woman.

Through this information, we can draw two more things: one is, doing many things at the same time (multi-tasking) will easily make your brain tired, we should practice concentration, just increase quality. Achievement has just reduced the effort for you. Second, women, often have to deal with many problems at the same time, they will consume a lot of energy, so please respect and take better care of the mother, wife, or your sister.

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