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Workers Building The 2022 World Cup Stadium Infected With COVID-19

A group of three workers constructing football stadiums for the 2022 World Cup is infected with the COVID-19 virus and is at risk of a sharp outburst in this team that makes Qatar homeowners worried.
During the COVID-19 pandemic , hosts of the 2022 World Cup still carried out construction of works for the 2022 World Cup. Of the eight newly built and dismantled yards from the old yard, Qatar has only completed three yards, while must race against time to keep pace with the FIFA Club World Cup and regional leagues in 2021 before entering the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar currently has 4,103 cases of COVID-19 infections, but on April 16, three stadium construction workers were positive for COVID-19 and they were the first of the major construction sites infected.
It is also necessary to know that due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the construction works in Qatar have been almost completely stopped but the 2022 World Cup projects are given priority by the State of Qatar to continue construction to keep pace with the big event.

In the previous years, Qatar imported construction materials from neighboring countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, but then many neighboring countries cut off all relations with Qatar because the political issue made this country extremely difficult. They switched to importing construction materials from China and Malaysia, despite the very high cost of the team.

The news that COVID-19 attacks the workforce directly constructing works for the World Cup is really a big threat to the host of the 2022 World Cup .
Currently Qatar is in a dilemma before the COVID-19 epidemic should close or suspend buildings.

Currently, the operators of constructions serving the 2022 World Cup in Qatar have only issued regulations for social spacing in the working environment of each person 4 m apart.

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