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Wuhan Fully Out Of Lockdown As Citizens Revive Rhythm

After 76 days of blockade, life in Wuhan city gradually revived with the same rhythm as before.

As the city that started the Covid-19 outbreak in China, Wuhan had to close for 76 days to limit the spread. So far, after lifting the blockade, people have started to return to work and have fun. This means that the streets are starting to get congested again.

At the end of March, the department store and convenience store in Wuhan reopened. The customer then has to check his body temperature, submit the health code on the phone app, indicating whether they are at risk of nCoV infection. Last week, some small shops were allowed to open their doors without checking their body temperature, while Hanjie outdoor shopping mall stopped checking health codes.

High school seniors in Wuhan and Hubei Province will return to school on May 6, while many workers have come to work. Many people said that it may take a while longer for the rhythm of life to return to normal, but things are going well.
Families begin to park and steal the camp to enjoy the fresh air. Physical activities such as diving, swimming are increasing.

Subway riders are encouraged to scan the QR code to register the exact wagon that has boarded. In front of the banks on the street, people sat in line, separated by a safe distance. Neighborhood committees continue to monitor people entering and leaving neighborhoods, while barriers in many parts of the city have not yet been lifted.

Although the number of new infections in the city has gradually decreased and the pace of life has begun to recover, Wuhan is still on high alert for asymptomatic nCoV infections and imported cases.

The disease has infected more than 50,000 people and more than 3,800 people died. The industrial city also faces economic instability, many businesses are so severely damaged that they cannot pay rent, while the restriction of movement within the city affects sales. Many store owners share that they only receive very few customers coming to buy goods.

The government is stimulating consumer demand by offering "$ 71 million worth of vouchers" used in supermarkets, shopping centers, restaurants and bars across the city. But many restaurants have not been reopened yet, and places that have been opened only sell or take away tables and chairs outdoors. 

Currently, most nightclubs and bars are still banned. In the area near Wuhan University, the streets were empty on Saturday, while sidewalk eateries crowded with students were still closed. Huquan Night Market is quiet behind the barrier. Wuhan people feel it is too early to celebrate.

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