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Young 17-year-old owner of the world famous COVID-19 website rejected a million dollar advertising contract

On December 29 last year, when the United States was not yet feeling the heat from the new strain of corona virus, Avi Schiffmann, a 17-year-old man in Washington State, launched a self-designed website capable of tracking the virus movement.

Since that time, has received hundreds of millions of visits. "I want people to have access to bigger data but I don't think the final project is this big," says Avi Schiffmann.

various sources around the world and displayed on its website a comprehensive summary of disease statistics around the world. . The data is updated by the minute and is presented in an easy to read and intuitive manner.
Avi is attending Mercer Island High School talent. He started learning programming at the age of 7, mainly by watching videos on YouTube and actually did it himself on or under 30 websites.
"Programming is a job that requires a lot of creativity," he shared. "Instead of using a brush or something like that, you can type in a bunch of words and turn them into a website about corona virus."
“His mind is always jumping from one thing to another, this is fine but I try to encourage my child to concentrate,” said Nathalie Acher, Avi's mother.
Avi created the corona virus project on a weekend of family skiing. Acher, a doctor, said when Avi finished the project (by spending a day skiing "," he was excited as if he had found a cure for cancer. "

Avi practically developed his project sooner than anyone. 
"I'm quite worried because I see the corona virus spread very fast and worldwide."
 Share on Bloomberg, Avi's mother said that he has rejected advertising contracts up to 8 million.
"I think it is not difficult for me to refuse such money because I do not care much about making money," Avi told Bloomberg. "I still want to play games with my friends."

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