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Young Doctor Died Of COVID-19 Before His Wedding With His Girlfriend Of 8years

The plan was to marry on April 11, but the Covid-19 epidemic suddenly struck and disrupted all the plans of the young doctor Michael Robert Marampe, Indonesian. 

He was permanently unable to marry his long-time girlfriend due to nCoV infection during the work of fighting against the epidemic and died. 

On the Jakarta Post (Indonesia), the story of young doctor Michael Robert Marampe died on April 25 due to Covid-19 infection during the anti-epidemic process, leaving an unfinished wedding with his 8-year-old girlfriend, make many people touched and compassionate.

It is known that when the epidemic began to spread and spread in Indonesia, the number of infected people and deaths in the country increased continuously, Michael devoted himself to fighting the epidemic. 

He is the doctor who personally treated SARS-CoV-2 patients. Perhaps because of that, Michael unfortunately got infected with this dangerous virus. 

Last week, the young doctor was unlucky to receive a positive test result with Covid-19, most likely due to a cross-infection from the patient. Soon Michael was taken to the intensive care ward at Persahabatan Hospital, East Jakarta. During the treatment, the male doctor was still very optimistic and uploaded a video to update his condition and support and encourage his colleagues. 

But luckily did not smile at him when Michael could not pass. Before his death, the male doctor left his last words: 
"It is my honor to become a doctor, I can serve patients, help a lot of people. I have no regrets anymore. ". 
At the same time, he also gave his last words to his fiancĂ©e - the girlfriend who has been with him for 8 years: 
"Thank you for the life of having you, Tri Novia Septiani. You are the most wonderful gift that God brought it to me. I love you "
Accompanied by the status line is a beautiful image of Michael and his fiancĂ© Tri Novia Septiani. The two have been in love for 8 years, the wedding is expected to be celebrated on 11/4. But then, when Michael had to leave to protect the community, this wedding was never permanent. 

Even though Michael's girlfriend was heartbreaking, she was still very proud to have a boyfriend like him. Tri shared:
 "I love you more than anything in the world and I know you too. See you my love." 
According to statistics of the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) and Indonesia Nurses Association (PPNI), Michael is one of 40 health workers, including 24 doctors and 16 nurses, who died of Covid-19 infection. 

Michael's story made many people suffer, grief, especially sorry for the beautiful love but in the end could not go to the end of the road.

Currently, Indonesia recorded 9,096 cases positive for nCoV, of which 765 patients died.

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