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15 Mistakes In Eating That Will Affect Your Children Later

So many parents are always very much concerned about the health of their children, sometimes we make mistakes because of our ignorance. Here are common mistakes, making it harder for children to form healthy eating habits later.
     1.   Comfort Children With Desserts

We often give cakes, soft drinks, tea or candy to make a small piece for children if they complete something. But this is a wrong perspective leading to children eating only what they like. Your baby will not be able to tell which foods are good and which are bad for health. So parents should not use food to seduce, or as a reward for the kids.
    2.   Force Children To Eat

This is a problem many families face. We often force children to finish meals without paying attention to their interests. The long-term coercion will affect the child's psychology, maybe in the future he will be afraid of the dish and has negative pressure on what he experiences. Instead of forcing me to eat, dad, mom, learn your hobbies and enjoy everyday meals.
3. Stocking Up Unhealthy Foods

Studies show that if we store unhealthy food it will lead to children losing control, and fill themselves with these foods when their parents are away. Dad and mom often think that there is a little food like this in the house to facilitate the comfort of crying or eating. But the reality is that we should buy healthy snacks and give our children gradual access to healthy food.
4. Not Decorating Dishes Beautifully

It is difficult for children to eat vegetables, even though this is a vitamin supplement necessary for their development. Instead of the usual daily vegetables, dad, mom, please layout a little attractive dish. In addition we can add a little sauce, butter or cheese to create a different flavor to attract children to enjoy.

5. Accept Picky Eaters Without Trying To Encourage Your Child To Eat Diverse

Many parents right from the beginning have accepted being picky about eating, and have not tried to find ways to encourage their children to eat a variety.
It is important that we do not be discouraged, be patient, promote healthy eating habits for children. It may be difficult in the first steps, but gradually we can change the child's mind even though they are very stubborn.
6. Serving Too Much Food

Always remember that a baby's stomach is much smaller than an adult's, so we need to make the right diet. Do not give your child too much, which leads to loss of control in food and causes obesity in children.
7. Forcing Children To Finish Their Plate Of Food

According to studies, this can have an adverse effect on children. In the long run, children will gradually not like these foods. Or it may be wrong to reward children with certain foods because research has shown that children will not like the foods they eat on a regular basis.
8. Not Allowing Your Children To Participate In The Cooking Process

Dad, try to involve your child in the process of buying ingredients to the stage of processing, you will realize that there is a possibility that your child will like to eat the food that he or she makes. This is what nutrition experts recommend to you, mum.
9. Not Allowing Your Children To Play With Their Food

This is one thing our parents often dislike because children are messy and dirty clothes. But when playing with food will stimulate the sight and taste of children. Children will enjoy the food they are playing with.
10. Unappealing Diet

According to a study conducted by Cornell, children are able to eat right away if the plate of food contains many colors. If you have more time and a little bit of your hands, you can make shapes on a plate of baby food. In stores today, there are many types of molds available: smileys, bears, cats, etc. which you can use to create beautiful and eye-catching food for children.
11. Picky Parents Eating In-Front Of Their Children

Dad, mom try not to be a picky eater in front of your children. This will make them learn to imitate, similar actions become picky eaters like you. So we should not order the same when we go out to eat.
12. Do Not Let Children Eat While Watching TV

Research shows that if you feed a child while watching TV, the calorie intake is 10% more. Currently, there are many dads and moms who let their children watch TV so that they can eat, not have to soothe and not be afraid of gaining weight. But after this article we should stop and look for other ways to stimulate children to eat and drink. Because it is only harmful but not beneficial.
13. Dieting In Front Of Your Child

Dad, I need to understand how this affects children. As we see children are often influenced by their parents. It is perfectly normal to like or hate something like your parents. So if you diet, pay attention and find appropriate solutions to avoid the situation of children at risk of eating disorders in the future when exposed to these dietary habits from an early age.
14. Giving Food As A Reward For Your Child

Children are often elusive because they reach very stubborn ages and express themselves. So this is the method many parents choose. For example, if you finish your homework, or if you finish a small task, you will get cookies, this sounds normal but on the contrary, makes children excited to eat and drink leading to the children eating and drink according to their feelings.
15. Giving your child too many junk food

If children eat too much junk food will affect their health, because this is mostly unhealthy food. If possible, feed your baby no more than 2 snacks per day and no more than 100 calories.

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