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2 More People In The Premier League Tests Positive As Total Number Of Cases Rise To 8

In 996 tests performed for players and club employees in the Premier League, it was announced that coronavirus cases were detected in 2 more people.

The number of people caught in coronavirus in the English Premier League rose to 8. The coronavirus test of two people was positive in 996 tests performed for players and club employees. The identity of these people has not been disclosed.

After the clubs started training, tests were carried out on May 17-18, and the results of 6 people were positive.

While the names of these people were not included, a statement came from the Burnley and Watford clubs. Ian Woan's assistant coach in Burnley; In Watford, it was announced that two staff members of the coronavirus were caught with the 33-year-old actress Adrian Mariappa.

Six people who had positive initial tests were not included in these tests because they were still within seven days of isolation.

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