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41 Deaths By Covid-19 From Liverpool Match Against Atletico Madrid

The match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid was still held despite the outbreak.

According to data analysis by NHS (British National Health Service), the match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid has caused 41 deaths due to the disease.

The second leg of the Champions League 1/8 round between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid was played with the support of more than 52,000 fans. In particular, there are about 3,000 fans from Spain.

This was the last important match to be played in England before all the peak matches in the foggy country had to be postponed due to the strong outbreak due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But sadly it has immeasurable consequences.

According to the Sunday Times , Edge Health (an NHS data analysis team) pointed out that the match at Anfield caused 41 deaths within 25-35 days after the spread of the epidemic. sick.

At that time, both England and Spain were alerted to the effects of the new strain of corona virus. Many schools, companies, restaurants ... in Spain have also closed. Last month, the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martinez-Almedia, admitted the mistake of letting more than 3,000 people go to England to watch the match.

Mr. Jose Luis Martinez-Almedia shared: 
“It was wrong for 3,000 fans to go to England to cheer on football at that time. However, when we realized the mistake, it was all too late. I should have been more cautious at the time. ”
The British government allowed to organize two major events at the time. In addition to the match between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid, there is the Cheltenham Festival. It was not until 10 days later that measures of social isolation and isolation were introduced.

The Cheltenham Festival also saw the participation of 250,000 people and according to research by Edge Health, the festival also caused the deaths of 37 people related to the corona virus.

Later, the organizers of the Cheltenham Festival confirmed that they had complied with the event's safety measures, including asking people to wash their hands before attending.
To date, Spain has recorded 253,000 cases of Covid-19 with 28,706 deaths. In the UK, there were 257,000 positive cases and 36,675 deaths.

Anyway, the disease situation gradually subsided in the two countries mentioned above. Therefore, the Government allowed the clubs to return to normal training. It is expected that both La Liga and the Premier League can be held back in June.

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