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6 Dead in Plane crash in Bolivia Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

News agency Reuters leads the Air Force declared Bolivia (FAB), said a military aircraft Beechcraft Baron B-55's this country has crashed, killing all six people on board were killed.

FBA writes on Twitter:

"At about 13:42 pm on 2/5, the Beechcraft Baron B-55 with FAB-051 tail number crashed while repatriating Spanish citizens as part of the air force's humanitarian operations on the voyage, from Trinidad to Santa Cruz.”

 According to preliminary data, the crew reported they would return to Trinidad, the city in southeastern Bolivia, due to an engine failure, but then the plane disappeared from radar screens. Reportedly, the flight also carried COVID-19 test samples to Santa Cruz.

The accident claimed the lives of two crew members and four Spanish passengers. These ill-fated passengers plan to go to Santa Cruz to board another plane back to Spain.

The Bolivian government has set up a commission to investigate this aviation accident. It is expected that the cause of the accident report will be available within 8 days.

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