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90 Percent Of The Referees In La Liga Supports Real Madrid

Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez, a former La Liga referee, made a remarkable statement in Spain.

Former Spanish referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez argued that 90 percent of the referees in Spain support Real Madrid and 10 percent support Barcelona.

Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez, who served in nearly 300 games in La Liga, retired in 2012.

Cadena located in Sere description Gonzalez.
"90 percent of the Referee Real Madrid, while 10 percent support in Barcelona. The referee does not come from Mars. Are you going arbitrator to your favorite football and soccer to love is no person that does not support a team.”

"Barcelona fans might not like it, but 70 percent of the population of Spain are fans of Real Madrid. Today, thanks to the trophies won since the Pep Guardiola era, the younger generation can say more Barcelona sympathizers, but there was a big difference before Lionel Messi."

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