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Amazon Delays Prime Day Till September As It Works To Restore Normal Shipping

Amazon according to reports will delay its Prime Day promotional event till September as it works on restoring its footing amidst the surge in demand which was caused by the coronavirus pandemic, The Wall Street Journal reported.

This Prime Day which is usually held during the summer has become a cash cow for Amazon as the last event of the Prime Day in 2019 had earned Amazon an estimated $7 billion.

But just like many online retailers, Amazon have been having difficulties in meeting up with all its customers’ demands for home delivery during this pandemic. The company had said that it would temporarily prioritize shipments of only essential items such as medical supplies and household products in March in order to keep up with the orders of customers.

The company had also been under inspection due to how it has been treating it’s workers during the pandemic with stoppage of work and also reports from its warehouse workers saying that the company has not done enough to protect them while they are working against contracting the virus.

According to Reuters the reports of Amazon delaying its Prime Day till sometime August started swirling last month. Reuters has also reported that the company is expected to lose a huge sum of $100 million due to the excess devices in their warehouse which they would now have to sell only at a discount price due to the delay of the Prime Day.

Last year the Prime Day of 2019 lasted for 2 days which was on July 15th and 16th and it happened to be the largest shopping event in the history of the company and it has also according to reports is the two days with the ever biggest member signups.

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