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Astronauts Want To Grow Arugula On Mars

Thanks to the project of sending arugula seeds to Mars, arugula is said to be grown in space, albeit a little slow.

Scientists say that astronauts can grow a salad crop on Mars after the seeds are successfully sent to space with a mission.

Researchers who previously sent one million arugula seeds to the International Space Station say that the same can be done for Mars.

In the previous mission, it was observed that the germination power of the seeds remaining at the International Space Station for 6 months was weakened.

It was also determined that the radiation dose absorbed while seeds were in the International Space Station was 100 times higher than that of the Earth's surface.

However, researchers say that rocket seeds will be exposed to 500 times more radiation during the Mars mission.

However, despite these difficulties, experts state that if the seeds are adequately protected, crops can be taken in long-distance space missions.

From the Department of biology, Royal Holloway University in London. 
"The move of high quality seeds into space and beyond will be crucial for growing plants that support people's discovery of space, Mars, and other worlds." 

said Jake Chandler .
"Our study of the power of space travel, rocket seeds germination of a 6-month decrease was found that compared to the rest of the world, which shows that speed up the ripening process of spaceflight." 
He said.

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