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BREAKING NEWS: Israel Reports A Successful Trial Of The Drug For COVID-19

On May 12, Israeli media reported that an Israeli biotechnology company reported successfully testing a drug to treat patients infected with Covid-19.

According to information on the Vietnam News Agency, an Israeli biotechnology company reported on the successful trial of a drug to treat patients with respiratory disease caused by a new strain of corona virus (SARV-CoV-2) and pneumonia.

According to the report, the drug is called MesenCure, manufactured by Bonus Biogroup. The company recently conducted pre-clinical trials on animals, showing that their lungs were completely healthy after being treated with this drug.

The company is currently awaiting approval by the Israeli Government to conduct trials on patients with Covid-19.
The new drug includes components from stem cells derived from fat tissue from healthy donors. These cells are transferred directly into the blood of patients with Covid-19, thereby helping to reduce inflammation and restore lung tissue.

The report also shows that this drug can reduce 47% of fluid buildup in the lungs of animals.

Covid-19 has appeared in 212 countries and territories. According to Worldometer statistics, global records of 4,335,821 cases and 292,301 deaths, while 1,582,901 people have recovered.

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