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British Doctors Warned That Chinese Ventilators Could Be Fatal


British doctors warned that shipments of 250 Chinese ventilators to Britain on April 4 could be fatal if used.

According to the Guardian, 250 Chinese ventilators of the Shangrila 510 model, manufactured at Beijing Aeonmed Company, a major ventilator manufacturer in China, have serious faults, are unsuitable for use in hospitals and can cause danger to life. Therefore, these devices cannot be used and must be discarded.

Doctors at the West Midlands Hospital, where some of the ventilators in the shipment were delivered, wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock expressing concerns and warnings about the quality of Chinese ventilators.
NBC News quoted doctors saying:
“We believe that if used, these ventilators can cause significant harm to patients, including death. We expect these devices to be recalled and replaced with devices that have better airway clearance for active treatment patients.”

Doctors warn British health officials that the oxygen supply of Chinese ventilators is constantly changing and unreliable, while their manufacturing quality is only basic. In addition, the filters of these machines cannot be cleaned properly, which is necessary when fighting against highly contagious viruses, and oxygen supply tubes do not comply with EU standards. 

Doctors added that the upper ventilator unit was designed for use in an ambulance, not the one placed next to the hospital bed. A senior official at a hospital receiving a Chinese ventilator complained:

"The whole breathing machine cannot be used. None of the machines worked ... We were indignant. Hospitals have tried to find a way to get the device working but we cannot (use these machines). ”

NBC News said Beijing's international sales manager, Aeonmed, responded, "I don't know" when asked if the company would understand the concerns of British doctors about its products.

A source from the British Health Service said the incident was one of the problems with Chinese equipment shipped to Britain during the Covid-19 outbreak.

“Some of the goods that have been ordered from China recently, especially personal protective gear, are not of the same quality as we requested, or they have been delivered incorrectly, for example, they transferred T-shirts instead of shirts. long-sleeved surgical gown.”
The source said.

16/4 day the New York Times said the British government had paid 20 million dollars for the antibody test instruments COVID-19 from two Chinese companies, then they discovered the kits are not normal operation.

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