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British Prime Minister Put A Roadmap To Ease Blockade Orders

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a partial relaxation of the blockade ordered by Covid-19 on May 10. He also outlined the easing schedule in the coming months, according to the AP.

In a direct speech from the office, Prime Minister Johnson said while people with jobs that could not be done at home were being encouraged to return to work:
 “this is not the time to end the closing order, in this week." 
He said it was not possible to immediately ease the restrictions as it would lead to a second wave of infection.

“We must continue to control the virus and save lives. And we must also acknowledge that this anti-virus campaign brings a hefty price to our lives.”

Mr. Johnson said from his 10 Downing Street office.
The government shutdown order, which began on March 23, reduced transmission of Covid-19, but the daily death toll remains high. He recorded nearly 32,000 deaths as of May 10, the highest in Europe.

Prime Minister Johnson, who returned to work just two weeks ago after being hospitalized for Covid-19, said the government will proceed with cautious easing in the coming weeks and months, but there may be a Few changes to the terms of the order closed.

He said people who can work from home should continue working at home, but those who cannot work from home, like those in the construction or manufacturing industry, "should be encouraged to return to work”, beginning of this week. However, they should not travel by public transport and should follow guidelines for social spacing at work, Johnson said.

Starting on Wednesday (May 13), the government will allow unlimited outdoor exercise, instead of restricting outdoor exercise once per day as before, Mr. Johnson said. People can also go sunbathing, drive to other areas and play sports, but only with family members.

Mr. Johnson emphasized that all people must continue to maintain the requirement of social distance when leaving the house, and said the penalty for violations will increase.
He also outlined a "conditional plan" to ease other restrictions in the coming months, such as reopening the store, and allowing children to return to school by June 1. 

The Prime Minister expressed his hope that hotel segments and many public places could reopen a month later, as long as they are safe and the principle of social distance is guaranteed.

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