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British Prime Minister Shares Experience Of COVID-19 Treatment: Doctors Have A Plan If He Dies

The British Prime Minister shared his experience of Covid-19 treatment.

On May 3, in an interview with "The Sun", Mr. Johnson first revealed details of his hospital treatment. He said the doctor had planned in the event of his death.

By the end of March, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson contracted Covid-19 (also known as Wuhan pneumonia), causing a rapid deterioration of his health. He was taken to intensive care.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (55) declared he was infected with Wuhan pneumonia virus on March 27 but suffered only minor symptoms and isolated himself at home. On April 5, he was admitted to the hospital and treated at St Thomas's Hospital. 

The next day (April 6) he was transferred to the intensive care unit and stayed there for 3 days, resorting to oxygen therapy. He eventually discharged from the hospital on April 12 and returned to work early last week.

On 3/5, Mr. Johnson when interviewed by "The Sun" said: 
“It was a really hard time. I do not deny it, the doctors had a backup plan in case he died."

He further shared that, during the treatment, he had to breathe every liter of every liter of oxygen. Fortunately he finally recovered. Mr. Johnson initially admitted he was too subjective about the severity of the disease and tried to continue working at home despite feeling unsteady. 

“At first, I didn't want to go to the hospital, but the doctors were very determined. Looking back, they were right to force me to go to the hospital.”

Mr. Johnson said.

“I was in really bad shape and I knew there were unexpected plans. Doctors have arranged everything to prepare for the worst situation.”

he continued.

Mr. Johnson said at that time he was too confident in the data provided by the Chinese government. It was not until he learned the severity of the disease that he realized his health had deteriorated. In the fight for life and death at St. Hospital. Thomas last month, he kept asking himself: 
"What do I have to do to get out of this predicament?"
He recalled: 
“It is hard to believe, only a few days later my health was so bad. I feel depressed. I don't know why I can't get better. "
Mr. Johnson repeatedly expressed respect and gratitude to the medical team for doing their best to save his life.

Mr. Johnson said the experience of fighting Covid-19 helped him become more determined to fight the pandemic and bring the country back to a normal life.

At the end of April (April 29), Prime Minister Johnson's fiancee, Carrie Symonds, gave birth to a baby boy. The two decided to name their son Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson. In it, "Nicholas" was named after two doctors named "Nick": Nick Price and Nick Hart, who devotedly took care of him after he was diagnosed with Wuhan pneumonia. 

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