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Caring For Our Glasses Against Virus Droplets

Among the coronavirus measures is the need to wear glasses to protect our eyes from virus-containing droplets suspended in the air. This makes eyeglasses care important.

Our glasses protect our eyes from virus, but experts warn us to take care of them and provide complete hygiene.
While wearing and removing our glasses, we need to prevent the virus from touching our hands and clean the glasses of our glasses frequently.

It is important to note that the eyeglass should not be cleaned with cosmetics containing acetone or alcohol.


The experts of the subject state that warm water and soap is sufficient for cleaning the eyeglass, then it must be passed through warm water and the water droplets left on the surface must be dried with a microfiber cloth.

Keeping the glasses in their containers when we do not use them is also described as a correct behavior.

Let's not leave the glasses to the sun

It is also one of the points that the lenses can be damaged when left under direct sunlight or close to any heat source.

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