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Chaos In Minneapolis As Protesters Loot Malls And Burn Buildings In Reaction To George Floyd's Death (photos)

George Floyd's death has generated a chaotic protest in Minneapolis. According to reports buildings in the Minneapolis are on fire and malls have also been looted by the protesters.

Some Videos which were shared online has shown protesters stripping store shelves bare and also making away with goods from the stores. They had also set fire to some stores and had also tried to break into a bank.

The protesters had also sprayed graffiti on the walls of Wendy’s and also tried to bust open an ATM machine as many of them had ignored pleas from the family lawyer of the deceased and even the Minnesota Governor Walz to only protest peacefully on Wednesday night.

From the footage that was shared on social media a car parts company known as AutoZone was seen in flames as people were throwing rocks through its windows.

The store near the site of George Floyd’s murder was in ruins as the shop had been emptied by protesters and the remaining goods in the shop seen through across the floor.

Some of the protesters had caused havoc on the police precinct, by pushing over barriers and also smashing up the precincts windows.

The protest was as a result of the death of George Floyd, 46 and the father of 2 who was killed by a police officer who had knelt on his neck for over 6 minutes while arresting him. 

Although it has been reported that the 4 officers who were involved in this act has been dismissed of their duties, the protesters are requesting that they should be prosecuted for their crime.

And according to reports the protesters are camped infront of the house of the police officer who had knelt on the deceased neck till his death.

See some photos below;

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