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China Called On The United States To Cooperate After Trump Threatened To Cut Ties

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lianxun at a press conference in Beijing 

AFP news agency said, the Chinese government on 15/5 called on the US to strengthen cooperation in the fight against Covid-19, after President Trump threatened to sever bilateral relations.

"Maintaining a stable development in Sino-US relations is a category of basic interests of the two peoples, which is conducive to world peace and stability." 
Said Mr. Zhao Lap Kien. Chinese Foreign Ministry official said during a press conference on May 15.

“At present, China and the United States need to continue strengthening cooperation to combat Covid-19, repel the epidemic, treat patients, restore economic production. However, this requires that the US really wants to cooperate with us.”
Mr. Zhao emphasized.

Earlier, in an interview with Fox News on May 14, President Trump said he was very disappointed about China in dealing with the Wuhan pneumonia pandemic and threatened to cut off all relations with Beijing .

According to Reuters, U.S.-China diplomatic relations have deteriorated rapidly in recent months, as Trump and many other senior U.S. officials criticized the way Beijing handled the Covid-19 epidemic and threatened more repression. Various sanctions.

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