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China Claims To Be The "Victim" Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

In an interview with CNBC (US), Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng affirmed that the country was "frank and open" as well as supporting professional exchanges between scientists. Mr. Le objected to "baseless" allegations and an international investigation into China.

Regarding the publication of the epidemic data, Mr. Le asserted that China did not hide anything. Conversely, some countries have said that COVID-19 is just a regular flu and that it is the countries that have "covered" the information.

"China is a victim, not an accomplice of COVID-19," asserted China's Deputy Foreign Ministry. Mr. Le called the claim for China an "absurd political antics", claiming the claim had no legal basis.

The statement of the Chinese Foreign Minister was made in the context of a series of countries around the world such as the US, Germany and Australia calling for China to be transparent and open an investigation into the origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Recently, Sweden also announced that it is planning to ask the European Union (EU) to find out the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even some European and American organizations and US states have filed lawsuits against China, accusing Beijing of hiding the epidemic. The parties requested the world's second largest economy to pay damages.

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