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China: Farmers Who Abandon Wildlife Will Receive Money

The Chinese government banned the trade and consumption of wildlife from February 2020 (Artwork: AF)

In an effort to end the $ 74 billion wildlife captive industry, the Chinese government has implemented two options in parallel: monetary compensation and encouraging people to stop capturing wild life.

According to data from the China Academy of Technology, the wildlife captive industry in China is worth more than $74 billion. The Chinese government is making efforts to gradually stop this potentially risky behavior.

In February, the Chinese government enacted a ban on wildlife trade and consumption nationwide, though no specific plans to enforce the ban were announced.

Recently, Hunan province has become the first place to support farmers to abandon wildlife farming since the ban was announced, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

In particular, wildlife farmers and meat owners who voluntarily stop trading wildlife will be compensated and encouraged to breed other purebred animals.

According to SCMP, farmers were paid USD 17 / kg of solid and nearly USD 11 for 1 kg of bamboo mice they delivered. Those who want to raise for scientific research or medicine purposes will need a certificate to continue their business.

On the other hand, many subsidies and vocational training programs have been introduced to assist farmers in changing their careers.

Capturing and harvesting wildlife is the main source of income in many parts of China, especially in poor areas.

However, wildlife is an intermediary that spreads many deadly diseases such as SARS (long past civet). The global COVID-19 pandemic is also thought to be associated with bats and spread through a wildlife meat market in Wuhan, China.

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