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China Team Sent To Measure The Height Of Everest Reached Its Peak

The Chinese expedition team, which set off on May 7 to precisely measure the height of the world's highest peak, Mount Everest, is reported to have reached the summit.

The group of 30 members of measurement experts and professional mountaineers from the Ministry of Natural Resources completed the summit journey that they started from the main camp on the Chinese side of the mountain on the Nepal-China border, according to the news from the Chinese official news agency Xinhua.

It is stated that the team will try to make a precise measurement of the altitude at the highest point of the mountain with the help of Global Positioning System (GPS) signals coming from satellites at the summit and tools and devices such as gravimetry measuring specific gravity on the ground.

It was also noted that the team will conduct experiments and screening studies to identify natural resources.

China previously sent exploration groups to Everest in 1975 and 2005 to measure the exact altitude of the summit. At that time, the height of the mountain was measured 8.848 meters 13 inches and 8.844 meters 43 inches, respectively.

China announced on 12 March that it had stopped climbing its borders on Mount Everest because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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