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China Threatens To Retaliate Against The United States If It Interferes With Hong Kong Security Laws

Protesters gathered in Hong Kong's Causeway Bay to protest against China's plan to impose new security laws. Photo: AFP

China has threatened to take counter measures if punished by the US for its plan to impose new security laws on Hong Kong special zone.

China on Monday threatened to take countermeasures if the US sanctioned it for its plan to impose new security laws on the Hong Kong special zone, according to AFP news agency.

"If the United States insists on harming China's interests, China will have to take the necessary measures to respond and object." 
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lian Kien warned on 25th May, 2020.

China issued the warning after White House National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien warned that a new security law imposed on Hong Kong could lead to US sanctions on China and Hong Kong, pay the price by Washington ending special trade rules.

Beijing plans to pass a new security law to Hong Kong after months of protests and even violence in Hong Kong last year.
The new Hong Kong security law will allow sanctions of "subversion, treason and seduction" in the city.

However, many Hong Kong people, business groups and Western nations fear the new security law will be a blow to the city's freedoms.

On May 24, thousands took to the streets to protest despite a large-scale ban on COVID-19 prevention. Police fired tear gas and sprayed water cannons to disperse the crowd.

Hong Kong has become the latest hot spot in rising tensions between the United States and China. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned Beijing to be on the brink of a new type of cold war with Washington.

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