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Chris Oyakhilome Attacks Pastors Who Supported Closure Of Churches

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has according to reports slammed the pastors that has supported and accepted the closure of Churches during the pandemic.

According to him, pastors should have asked permission from the government to pray for patients and not just accepting to close churches first when they were asked to.

His statement reads:

“In different cities, countries, states, before the government went ahead with the lockdown, they held meetings with pastors, leaders of churches. Why did the pastors and leaders not say give us a few days to go and pray? Because they were not prayerful before."

“As a Minister of God, you were called for such a meeting and you couldn’t say give us a few days to call other Ministers and say this is what we just heard from the government authorities and we need to pray. We have asked them to give us three days. Then you would have seen the hand of God.”

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