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Coronavirus Immunity Certificate To Be Issued In The UK

With the implementation of the certificate, those who are immune will be able to do work.

The London administration is preparing for the post- coronavirus period.

British Health Minister Matt Hancock made statements about the work they plan to do in the country related to coronavirus.

Hancock stated that they are working on the certification system to be given to people who have been confirmed to have positive antibodies against coronavirus through tests.

Health Minister Hancock announced that the contracts required for antibody testing to 10 million people have been signed and that they have developed a certification system to be given to people with positive antibodies as a result of these tests.

Hancock previously stated that they are working on an application to monitor coronavirus testing, monitoring, and symptoms.

With the certification system, it is aimed primarily for people with immunity to work.
"We are developing a certification system to know the effect of a positive antibody test and to provide assurance that people with positive antibodies can safely do it." 

The British minister said 

Matt Hancock added that people who have positive antibodies to coronavirus do not yet know if they have immunity.

More than 36 thousand people died in the country where more than 250 thousand cases were seen.

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