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COVID-19: Catholic Church Offers Fg 425 Hospitals As Isolation Centers

Catholic Church in Nigeria has just offered 425 hospitals and clinics nationwide of the church as isolation centers for COVID-19 patients in the country in order to support the fight against the virus.

This information was revealed by Boss Mustapha the Secretary General of the Federation. He revealed that:

“During the first week, the country generally recorded high cases. This is attributable to our expanded capacity for testing with the opening up of more testing centers and laboratories. As at today, there are 21 laboratories nationwide including private laboratories.”
“We have encouraged states to have at least 300-bed isolation centers including intensive care units. However, with the increase in cases, we have begun to experience some shortages of bed spaces in the isolation centers.”
“As part of efforts to support the states in the establishment of isolation and treatment centers, I wish to remind our state governors that the Catholic Bishops’ Conference has offered and volunteered all the 425 hospitals and clinics that belong to the Catholic Mission nationwide for adaptation and use as isolation centers. Governors are encouraged to approach Catholic Bishops and Arch-Bishops in their states to access these facilities.”

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