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Crisis In Chelsea FC Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

While preparing for a return in the Premier League, Chelsea and Kante refuse to go on training; 4 players, whose contract will end in June, do not want to play.

The Premier League, which is among the leagues suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic that covers the whole world, continues its preparations to return to football.

However, among the English teams, Chelsea players, there is a coronavirus crisis.

N'Golo Kante, who had previously been in the locker room after a match and known to have some ailments, conveyed to the management that he did not want to go to training because he did not want to risk him.

When the player, with whom the management turns positive, will go to practice with his team, it remains uncertain.
On the other hand, the coronavirus crisis in Chelsea was not limited to Kante.

It turned out that 4 players, whose contracts will end at the end of the season, do not want to take part in the matches played due to the epidemic.

In Blue; Pedro, Caballero, Giroud and Willian also did not want to continue at the club. Although the contract with Caballero and Giroud has been reached by reaching an agreement, no agreement has yet been reached on Willian and Pedro.

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