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Decoding 8 Strange Behaviors Of Children

Silent crying, pulling hair or stuffing toys in the nose etc. are the common parental actions in children. However, do parents understand why their children do so?
Silent crying

While crying quietly, your baby will cry and hold their breath for about 1 minute. At this time, the baby will stop breathing, the body will gradually harden and turn blue or cyanotic. Your baby may even faint in a few minutes. Your baby can't control this. Silent crying often happens when the baby is angry, sad, scared or feels hurt.
When seeing that scene, every parent must be scared. However, this is not a serious problem and this action will usually end when the child is 4-5 years old.
Constantly undress themselves

Children do not feel embarrassed when they are not wearing clothes. For children, undressing anytime, anywhere, even in public places is not a problem. 
Children often act like this if their clothes are uncomfortable or they feel hot. One of the other reasons is because the child has just learned a new skill and wants to show it to parents to see that they have grown up.
Drink water in the bath

Children cannot tell the difference between bath water and drinking water. In the bath, he is always playing and playing in the bathtub, so he often thinks it is a fun act.

Some babies often start banging themselves on the railing, pillow or crib at midnight or when they fall asleep. Many parents think this is a disorder in children, others think it is a self-reassuring behavior, similar to sucking a finger. And about 15% of children take this action. Parents need to know that this is a harmless action and requires no treatment.
Put objects in your nose, ears and eyes

Children are interested and excited about learning the world around them. Therefore, putting small objects in the eyes, ears and nose indicates that the baby wants to experiment with different items. Children want to discover for themselves what will happen.
Eat strange things

Children can eat anything they like, including insects, dirt or rusting the nose. Children simply want to discover new things. And there's no better way to taste them.
Hair Troubles

Children under 2 years of age often tend to twist or pull their hair to reassure themselves. In some cases, children do so only because they are feeling depressed. When he turns 3 years old, he will notice parents' attitudes towards their actions. Therefore, it may be an act of seeking parents' attention or showing a child's anger. At an older age, pulling hair can be a sign of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Read a book over and over

Being told stories makes children feel wrapped and protected and they feel safe and comfortable. Children know that up to a certain time frame, parents will read stories to them before going to bed. The most important thing is that the child knows the flow and the end of the story, so they can safely fall asleep.

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