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Emery: Footballers Did Not Want Mesut Özil To Be Captain

British team Arsenal's former coach Unai Emery made harsh criticism about Mesut Özil.

Spanish coach Unai Emery took the lead of Premier League team Arsenal at the beginning of last season.

However, this season, after the British team's 7-game losing streak, Arsenal ended Emery's position in November. 
Speaking to the Daily Mail, the Spanish coach made harsh criticism about Mesut Özil saying:
''The Level Of Commitment Shown Is Not Enough ''
Saying that he did his best for Özil, Emery said:
“I did my best about Özil. The talented star footballer have always been my favorites throughout my career. He also had his best time with me. I have always been positive to him, I always wanted to include him, but his attitude and the level of loyalty he showed was not enough.''

Criticizing the level of work of the 31-year-old football player, the Spanish coach described Özil as:
"A player who lacks aggression and relies on players around him."
Emery said:
"One of the captains could be Özil, but his teammates did not want him to be the captain. The level of loyalty was not deserving to be the captain. It was not my decision, it was the decision of the players." 

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