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Former Prime Minister Of Papua New Guinea Was Arrested On Charges Of Corruption

Former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill of Papua New Guinea (Image: ABC)

According to Papua New Guinea police, O'Neill was arrested and taken away for interrogation on charges of usurpation, abuse of office and corruption during his time as prime minister.

Former Prime Minister Peter O'Neill of Papua New Guinea has been arrested by police to investigate allegations of corruption and power abuse during his seven-year rule in the country.

Papua New Guinea police notice said Peter O'Neill was arrested yesterday (May 23) at the Port Moresby airport shortly after he returned from Australia.

Currently, Mr. O'Neill has been questioned by police, but later allowed to be released on bail and quarantined the  COVID-19 epidemic  for 14 days at his home.

According to the announcement, the former leader of Papua New Guinea allegedly ordered to buy 2 generators from Israel for $ 14 million without complying with the provisions of public financial management law, without the approval of parliament and also no auction.

O'Neill has led Papua New Guinea for seven years, before resigning in May 2019 after disagreements among government officials over the country's cooperation project on gas exploration with Total's France.

In October 2019, Papua New Guinea police once arrested O'Neill on another issue but withdrew the arrest warrant after O'Neill denied any wrongdoing and denied the charges.

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