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Germany Bans All Activities Of Hezbollah In Germany

German police investigated an alleged Hezbollah facility in Berlin
The German Interior Ministry on April 30 issued a notice, which officially listed Hezbollah as a terrorist, and banned the organization from doing any activities on German territory.

According to the German Interior Ministry, Hezbollah "publicly called for violence to destroy the Israeli state and did not recognize Israel's right to exist". As such, the operational principle of this organization goes against international principles.

The German government will treat Hezbollah activities as a crime and will conduct raids. Public support for Hezbollah, such as the organization's statement or flag, is also considered illegal.

Immediately after the announcement, the German police also launched an investigation campaign against Islamic facilities in Berlin and the cities of Dortmund, Bremen and Munster, on suspicion that these facilities were under the control of the group. Hezbollah.

This is a major change in German government policy. In the past, Germany still distinguishes Hezbollah's political and military branches and still allows some of its political branch activities in Germany.

Hezbollah is a political-military organization active in the Middle East, especially in Lebanon, Syria and has direct military conflicts with Israel. In Lebanon, Hezbollah holds 10% of seats in Parliament.

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