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Google Launches An App To Help Children Improve Their Reading Skills To 180 Countries

Google's Read Along app uses text and speech recognition technology to help teach reading skills to elementary students. Google says the application is currently available in 180 countries.

"Technology giant" in Google technology village has announced the application Read Along, helping to teach reading skills for elementary students, now available in 180 countries.

Previously, Read Along had its first launch in India in March 2019 as an application called Bolo in India in March 2019.
Using Google's speech and text recognition technology, the app can create interactive feedback with children through reminders and reading games. 

The application supports 9 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi.
Through the Read Along app, children are guided to read with the help of a virtual "reading" friend in an app called Diya.

According to Google, Diya will provide children with positive feedback and reinforce information during reading, like parents or teachers. Children can also call Diya for assistance at any time for help pronouncing a word or a sentence.

Google commits voice data read by Read Along to be analyzed right on the device and not sent to Google servers. The app will also work completely offline, although users will need to connect to Wi-Fi if they want to download new stories for their children to read.

Users also need to log in to use the application. There will be no ads or additional purchases in the app - Google said.
Here is the interface of Read Along on the Play Store app store:

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