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Groom Uses An Ambulance To Welcome Bride Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

The groom in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh hired an ambulance to travel a distance of about 100 km to pick up the bride while the country was executing a blockade of the Covid-19 room.

The rare story takes place in Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh state, India). To ask his wife for son Ahmed (24), Haji Israr rented an ambulance to the bride's home in Ghaziabad, about 100 km away. The purpose is to circumvent the order of the anti-epidemic Covid-19, Sputnik reported on April 30.

At the bride's home, after carrying out the wedding procedures, his father Israr took the bride to the ambulance and took her home. The case was later discovered by Indian authorities. According to a local police official, the use of an ambulance is to avoid being checked by police at checkpoints.

He added that father and son Haji Israr and other family members were isolated and tested for Covid-19. They and the owner of an ambulance are at risk of going to trial for breaking the law. India is currently the third largest epidemic region in Asia, after Iran and China. 

Yesterday 30/4, in the context of the blockade order is about to end, the country recorded an additional 1,718 cases and 67 deaths in the past 24 hours, bringing the number of cases and deaths to 33,050 and 1,074 respectively, while 8,437 people have recovered. 

The nationwide blockade order in India has lasted nearly 6 weeks, expected to end this weekend. The Indian government has allowed resumption of some agricultural and industrial activities in rural areas less affected by the pandemic, after a blockade led millions of people to unemployment, food shortages and accommodation.

However, given the rapidly increasing number of cases each day, the country is facing pressure to not loosen restrictions and extend blockades, despite the growing economic burden.

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