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Health Workers Protest In Spain

Health workers from many hospitals in Spain protested to give more importance to public health and to improve conditions.

Leading health workers in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, protested in Spain.

Healthcare providers from many hospitals in Spain climbed in front of the hospital and carried banners.

Gregorio Maranon, La Paz, Octubre Hospital and Severo Ochoa Hospital in Barcelona, ​​employees in the capital of Spain, joined the action. It was seen that a banner that the healthcare providers had in their hands read: 
“We are tired.”
Health workers have asked the government to pay more attention to public health and to improve conditions. In the action supported by the citizens in the environment, it was observed that the social distance rule was followed and the mask was worn.

On the other hand, the Spanish Ministry of Health updated the corona virus data today, reducing the loss of life by 918 people. 

The Ministry has updated the total number of corona virus cases in the country to 235 thousand 400, and the number of people who lost their lives to 26 thousand 834.

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