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'He's a danger to the community' Judge shuts down R.Kelly's third attempt to get out of jail over Covid-19 fears

R. Kelly has just been denied his request to leave jail due to the possibility of contracting COVID-19 in jail for the third time. The Judge who had shut down his request said that he is a danger to the community and might try to escape from judgment.

This is the third time that he has requested to leave jail based on health conditions and it was not approved by the court as he has been detained in prison on the basis of child sex abuse, kidnapping and transmission of STDs.

In the motion for his bail which was filed earlier this month, he complained that he was diabetic and overweight and hence is more at the risk of easily contracting the COVID-19 virus as he also complained that the situation in his prison had also become filthy and that it will only be a matter of time before he caught the virus.

His other two previous requests were dismissed based on the fact that his health reasons were not strong enough to grant him bail. And while dismissing his third request Judge Donnelly said that Kelly’s crimes involved sexual assault of minors that has lasted for almost 25 years and such allegations does not deserve bail.

Judge Donnelly said that although he had promised if set free that he will  return to Illinois to stand trial like he did in 2008 in his child porn trial, where the grand jury had found out a possible cause that the witness was bribed and does not want the same scenario to occur again.

Judge Donnelly wrote in her decision that:
''The defendant is charged in Illinois and New York with extraordinarily serious crimes, for which he faces a long prison term if convicted.”
“That prospect makes him a flight risk. The nature of the charges which include crimes against minor victims, threats against potential witnesses and paying bribes to keep witnesses from cooperating, makes him a danger to the community, including that he could attempt to tamper with prospective witnesses.”

Kelly's trial will start later this year.

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