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Hoping to reverse the situation, Mr. Trump places a 'political future' on the economic outlook of 2021

President Donald Trump called on people to trust and give him a four-year term with the promise of a strong recovery in the world's leading economy in 2021. (Source: Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump is calling on people to trust and give him a 4-year term with the promise of the world leading economy will recover strongly in 2021.

Not only referring to the timeline next year, President Trump also made the fourth quarter of this year as a milestone for the recovery of the economy, with "great numbers". 

But it is not until 2021 economic reports for the fourth quarter of 2020 will be published. Preliminary figures for the third quarter will be released on October 29, a few days before the Presidential election will take place on November 3.

The US economy is facing a severe recession with more than 38 million people losing their jobs and many believe that by the election day, the unemployment rate may still be at double digits.

But President Trump and the campaigning group are hoping to convince the public that he is the candidate that can turn the tables around, even though they set a timeline for economic recovery next year. 

However, experts warn that the prospect that President Trump promised is impossible when taking into account the severity of the recession. According to the Office of Congressional Budget, the world's largest economy will take years to recover.

President Trump has been encouraging the states to relax restrictions and reopen the economy. But that does not mean that jobs will return and Americans are still very cautious when returning to normal life.

Michael Steel, a Republican political strategist, said this year's election will be more based on facts than on messages. He said President Trump is betting by opening the economy, although health experts say it is not time yet.

If the economy recovers strongly and the Covid-19 infection rate remains stable or declines, he will gain the support of American voters. 

But on the contrary, if the unemployment situation is still widespread, the number of infections and deaths due to the Covid-19 epidemic continue to rise, the president's chances of winning will become more fragile.

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