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How Long Will It Take To Control The COVID-19 Pandemic?

The WHO expert assessed that the COVID-19 epidemic may worsen. 

According to a forecast of the World Health Organization (WHO) team leader, the upcoming COVID-19 epidemic may worsen and it may take 4-5 years before we can control the pandemic.

The prediction of the COVID-19 epidemic was made by Soumya Swaminathan - Head of scientists of the World Health Organization (WHO) - at a global online seminar organized by the Financial Times on 14 / 5.

"I think it will take another 4-5 years before we can control this disease (COVID-19)."
The Indian expert said, adding that the situation could unfold worse, and people don't expect the epidemic to end soon.

According to the WHO Science Team Leader, the disease situation could get worse when leaders in countries like the United States are forced to consider removing isolation due to economic and public health risks. .

On the other hand, the possibility of the presence of variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes the COVID-19 epidemic) could diminish the effects of the vaccines found, Sputnik news agency quoted Soumya as saying.

Earlier this week, the WHO Emergency Medical Program Director, Dr. Mike Ryan, warned that the outbreak of COVID-19 would probably last forever with humans, according to CNBC news agency.

WHO asserts that countries will have to get used to a "normal" life with this deadly virus, while waiting for the development of new vaccines and treatments.

However, Ms Soumya said there was no guarantee that the results of the COVID-19 vaccines were being studied. There are still many inadequacies and doubts regarding the production, distribution, safety and effectiveness of these vaccines.

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