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Husband Removes Oxygen Mask To Die With His Wife Of COVID-19

Upon hearing that his wife had died of COVID-19, Mr. Bill Dartnall resolutely took off his breathing mask and died peacefully in his sleep only five hours after her.

When Bill Dartnall, 90, learned that his 81-year-old wife, Mary, had died from COVID-19, he refused to wear an oxygen respirator to continue fighting the virus.

The couple, from Southampton, Hampshire county, had 63 years of marriage and died on the same day.
According to Sun, Mary Dartnall had no reaction after the illness and was taken to Southampton General Hospital, where she was tested and tested positive for nCoV. 

A few days after her husband, a retired chimney cleaner, had a stroke at home and was taken to the same hospital, where he was also diagnosed with Covid-19.

Mr. Wilford was hooked with Mary more than seven decades ago, when they corresponded during World War II. The couple married in 1946. Until the time of death, the couple did not want to separate.

“Their beds were next to each other at Froedtert Hospital and they were able to hold hands on the last day of life. Mary said that before she died she was cared for by angels."
the obituary wrote.

The hospital staff moved the couple's bed together so they could hold each other's hands in the last days. Both were positive for nCoV, but the Milwaukee County Medical Center determined only Mary died from Covid-19.

After her health seemed to improve, Mary's condition suddenly worsened and died after a few days of treatment. Reportedly, Mr. Bill Dartnall was determined not to continue wearing oxygen masks and breathe his last breath after his wife five hours.

Their deaths left two daughters, Rosemary, a 63-year-old geologist retired, and Ann, a 60-year-old accountant, was deeply saddened.

“When Dad was told we were dead, he tried to pull out a mask and said that he did not want to use it anymore. He resolutely refused to wear, we did not know exactly why but he did not want to continue. The father was still cared for by the doctors but left peacefully in his sleep after a few hours." 
"Maybe my dad doesn't want to live without his mother. They have been together for so long and it's hard to imagine if one of them continues to live without the other.”
Ms. Rosemary shared.

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