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Indian And Chinese Soldiers Collide On The Border Near Tibet

News agency AFP citing the level of autonomy of India, said some countries have troops scuffled with Chinese troops in remote areas on the border of two countries, close to Tibet in 2 days 9-10 / 5.

"The aggressive action of both sides left the soldiers slightly injured. It was a controversy from the stoning leading to a fight." 
said Mandeep Hooda, a spokesman for India's Eastern Command.

The first brawl occurred on May 9 in the Naku La area, near the 4,572-meter-high Nathu La border gate in the state of Sikkim in northeastern India, the area adjacent to Bhutan, Nepal and China. The scuffle was later resolved with "dialogue and interaction" at the local level, according to Mr. Hooda.

According to Mr. Hooda, these are only short-lived clashes between border soldiers that have occurred because the boundary has not been determined.

Tension between the border between China and India has lasted, sometimes there are small skirmishes between soldiers of the two countries. In the past, these two countries had a brief war in 1962 to compete for territory in the Himalayas in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh.

The event on 9/5 was the first time the two countries' soldiers clashed since 2017, when border guards on both sides quarreled in Northwest Ladakh area.

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