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Indian Pharmacist Dies After Drinking Homemade Chemicals To Kill COVID-19

AFP news agency said Indian pharmacist K Sivanesa (47) died after working with a boss on a homemade chemical because he believed it could kill nCoV. The incident occurred in the city of Chennai, southern India.

According to local police chief Ashok Kumar, the two men worked for a herbal company and tested the mixture they made from nitric oxide and sodium nitrate at home, which led to a tragic affair.

Sivanesan died on the spot, and his colleague Rajkumar was recovering in a hospital after being treated for poisoning. Kumar said Sivanesan victims bought chemicals from a local market and followed the recipe found online.

So far, India recorded more than 61,000 infections and nearly 2,000 deaths from nCoV. Since March 25, the country has imposed a blockade and just started to relax some measures on 4/5.

However, India has one of the lowest test rates in the world, making experts suspect the number of infections in this country may be higher than published. 

Meanwhile, Indian health officials hope to test about 100,000 samples a day soon.

There are currently no drugs or vaccines to treat COVID-19. More than 100 vaccines are being researched and developed, of which 6 are being tested in clinical practice - Dr. Seth Berkley, managing director of the GAVI vaccine alliance, a public-private partnership leading the vaccination campaign in poor countries, let me know.

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