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Israel: You Can Now Eat While Wearing A Face Mask Comfortably And Not Worry About COVID-19 infection

A special mask created by an Israeli company that enables users to both wear masks and eat freely without worrying about COVID-19 infection.

News agency Reuters said Patents and Inventi
ons Avtipus company (Israel) has created kind of a mask against COVID-19 , but still allows wearers convenient dining without removable.

On May 18, the company demonstrated the product to the public. By design, the mask has a gap in the front of the mask so that food can pass through. This opening is controlled by a handheld device, or opens automatically when food is detected near the mask.

The operation may be less effective for ice cream or sauces and is more suitable for hard foods. 

"As soon as the fork comes out of the mouth, the mask will close and you will be protected from viruses."
Said Asaf Gitelis, Vice President of Avtipus Patents and Inventions.

The company says it has applied for a patent and plans to start manufacturing this special mask in a few months. The product will be sold at a price of about 0.85-2.85 USD higher than regular medical masks that Israelis are using.

Reuters reporters approached customers in a bar near Tel Aviv to ask for their opinion on the mask. There are many conflicting opinions are given.

"I think this mask makes it possible for me to eat and drink while I'm still wearing it. This is a must-have."
Said Ofir Hameiri (32), a graduate student.

However, for Ron Silberstein (29 years old), this type of mask is not suitable for eating ice cream because the cream will runny, stick out the mask.
 "I will not want to wear it again."
Ron said.

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